Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Installation

The installation consist of two parts, one is the application(software) that i develop using flash cs4(AS3) and the second part would be the console for user to control the application that consist 7 button. Each button will trigger the smoothness of the songs choose, if the user miss the button a distortion of sound will be trigger.

The application will stored some basic game type like total score, combo, hit, bad hit and some other stuff. If user hit the combo amount that been set in the application automatically audience cheering sound will be trigger. I'm probably looking for the possibility to store user name and high score using local storage.

The console will be hacked using normal keyboard and will be attach to button like a normal arcade console button. The button will be label by several color. The console will be attach to a laptop that attach to speaker. I also wanted to put some lighting that follows beat and create a more exciting mood.

The environment for the setup should used some dark. The lights that follow the beat will bring up the light within the space and there will be some light shooting under the console that highlights the button that user will be used.

- the console will be 3meter from the projected wall
- the high of the console is about 1.2meter
- button size would be around 10cm diameter
- the middle button will be the paddle at the bottom of the console

The flow:

Structure view:

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