Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Progression Timeline

Hi, for the meantime i have been doing some development on the application part. I encounter some error on the scripting part and still working to resolve the problem. The progress for the application estimated to be complete within week 5 or 6.
- create blog
- update previous semester plan
- plan application pipeline
- application (R&D)

Create blog and update previous and new progress of the project and for the mean time I already plan how the flow of the application the structure or the pipeline in flash for the library, classes, script coding, shared file, controlling the file size, standardizing the style and some few details .I'm also currently still doing some research and development and still figure out some of the error occur in the application.

- update blog
- start develop application (script AS3 & debug)

Update blog with the latest progress and I already provide one video and maybe in future there will be some more videos coming as the progress go on. I already started the development for the application and still debugging for some troubleshooting that occur within the application but as in the mean time all progress are working smoothly and according to plan.

- fit style and concept (image edit, image size, image alteration, sound)
- application (test & debug)

As the design approved in the previous trimester it will be a lot of changes in term of the design and added functionality for this trimester. So I need to work out on the new look to make it more impressive and attractive for user to participate and enjoy my work. The whole week will be concentrated on look and feel, concept, stylize, standardize typeface, image alteration, color, music and so on.... for the application I'm expecting to complete by at least 75% by week 3.

- animation, sound & placement
- application (test & debug)

This will be a critical week as I merged the design layout with the application in flash and from there I hope they will be no problem in term of the limitation or future problems that I didn't expect before. After that I will test and debug the application and see how it works. Hope fully there will be no problem. If everything goes according to plan I estimated my progression would be 90% complete just for the application.

- finalize application (design, content, animation, songs)
- application (test & debug)

For week 5 I'm gonna concentrate on finalizing, touch up, improve quality for the design, songs, animation, the navigation (trigger action), flash file and some stuff. As usual I will test and debug the application and hopefully by week5 I complete 100% for my application.

- create console structure
- keyboard hack

This week is the week where the console structure or the physical of the console will be construct. I will need some power tools, Philips light bulb, rounded button, wood, measure tape, soldering equipment and of course my lovely keyboard (it just cost me rm10 but has a lot of memories) that i need to hack.

- setup console
- hardware & application (test & debug)

In week 7 most of the time i will probably be at the installation space as i need to setup the whole structure of the installation and finally test and debug the application with the hardware which is the controller console.

- deliver for presentation

This is my show and I hope I will give my best to whom that may experience my installation. I hope everybody will be supportive and can provide me critics for future improvement. And finally Let's ROCK and have fun together!


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