Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Research & Fact findings

“Visuals are things we can see. They consist of elements, such as line, shape, space, volume, color and texture. These elements are organized using the ‘principles’ of design. Design principles are concepts and ideas that use the elements of design to create visuals” (Alan Hashimoto, 2003)
Visual elements are components that can be isolated and defined in any visual design or work of art. These elements are point, line, movement, color, pattern, texture, form, shape and space. These elements are important as they are the structure of the work, as they carry a wide range of messages. (Charlotte Jirousek, 1995)
Sound is created by vibration. Sound can pass through many different substances, in fact, it requires the presence of a medium. Sound cannot travel in vacuum. Air is the most common medium within which we perceive sound. Various movements around us cause vibrations in air molecules, which results in sounds being produced through waves.


Visual elements are essential to give better understanding of the music that been played and it can be influence by the music along with the rhythm and beats. Basically the visual is transmitted by a device that encode accordingly to sync with the music. The visual also is use to portray a certain sound into a visual form. This relation between the visual and the music has produced exciting results. Visual basically can be produce using basic elements by using the pitch control, volume and the beat of sound.

Music that been compose through digital although the basic instrument to create the music is produce by conventional instrument such as guitar, drums, trumpet and others. Some of the producer like to produce this kind of music straightly through digital by using keyboard, electric drums or even digital sampler that available. Most of the music is being performed in club, private party of special occasion so this is where the integration of visual elements is used to create excitement and bring the audiences to the next level.

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